Nosheen Saima Iqbal
Grew up in Surrey, England and moved to Texas in
mid-teens. She received a BA with outstanding portfolio award in Communication Design from 
University of North Texas.
Currently lives in Dallas and works as a Creative Director.
Nosheen Iqbal is fascinated by the idea of mixing unconventional processes, cultural motifs and handmade traditions. From an early age she was sewing and embroidering small remnants of fabric and textured papers. She is inspired by textiles, architecture, nature, tribal artifacts. She is intrigued by the idea of tactility of art and the juxtaposition of soft and hard materials. To create this notion, she combines fibers and wood to create something handmade that is natural yet takes an unexpected form.
With a design degree in her back pocket, she continues her work as a visual artist, illustrator and product designer. She works primarily in wood, thread and paint. Creating art for the home, accessories and store installations.
Inspiration: Textiles, glasswork, Islamic art and the imaginations of little children.
Likes: Sunny days in England, cultural revival and the sound of parcels being dropped at my doorstep.
Dislikes: Waiting in long queues, man-made destruction and small minded attitudes.